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E-Publishing Services

Electronic publishing is the future of publishing. It's also part of today's fast-changing reality. Migrate your content from almost any format to digital format. We provide a wide range of world-class Pre-press and e-Publishing services to the publishing industry. We have a combination of professionals and energetic work force for e-publishing services. We are specialists in the field of academic, scientific and medical books and journals. Our service has international reputation for high quality and personal service, and a powerful combination of capabilities and technologies.

DOUBLEFOCUS e-publishing service addresses the needs of the e-Publishing industry and help Publishers to get their products into the market place quickly, in print Media, electronic media or web media.

Our E-publishing service offers:


One of the fundamental internal functions of every business firm of today is undoubtedly data entry services. Double Focus Systems is with you right from the time we understand your requirements, until you accept satisfactory delivery of back office and offshore services such as data entry, data processing and bulk scanning. We can input any type of data you have, saving your time and money. Additionally, we develop data structures, DTD and create databases for Access, SQL Server and Oracle, including indexes, triggers and stored procedures, if required. If you need a different format such as SGML, HTML, XML,., we will serve you at the best.

We provide quick and accurate data entry services for any business that needs data to be extracted from any source. Our Specially trained operators are experts in handwriting analysis and key-board operating skills. We undertake data entry projects of any volume. We offer high quality, cost-effective data entry services. Our solutions will surly fit your needs weather it is a one-time need or an ongoing projects.
Some of our Data Entry Services Includes:
      • Online Data Entry
      • Offline Data Entry
      • From paper/Books with high accuracy and speed
      • From Image files in any format
      • Data Entry and compilation from Websites
      • Data Capture / Collection
      • Data Entry from Hardcopy/Printed Material
      • Medical Lab Reports
      • Product Registration Card Data Entry
      • Handwritten data entry
      • Manuscript typing

Data Conversion@ DOUBLE FOCUS

Data conversion is a process by which data in one format is translated into another. In current scenario of business, data conversion has become the necessity for effective running of an organization. And, if you are in search of a data conversion service provider, then you are at the right place. Data conversion services implies the transformation and importing of data from one format into a new database, and business firms around the world require them for their effective functioning.
Handling complex, time bound, cost sensitive outsource online data entry projects is no easy task. Our experience and expertise of handling even the most complex data entry and data conversion projects has made us highly proficient in this field. You can completely rely on us to help you define your data conversion requirements through appropriate conversion methods.
Double Focus having necessary technical knowhow to execute data conversion, offshore data conversion, outsource data conversion, image data conversion and document conversion projects. Here, we cover a wide spectrum of data conversion services including data entry, file format conversion, electronic document management, book conversion, XML conversion, OCR, DTP, internet publishing, data conversion, indexing, archiving, data capture, digital imaging, catalog conversion, and CAD conversion.

Composition Services @ DOUBLE FOCUS

DOUBLE FOCUS provides composition services for both print and electronic media. We uses in-dustry standard composition tools namely Quark X Press, Adobe InDesign, and FrameMaker. Some of the composition services are:
Quark Xpress
We Composing in Quark Xpress because of its smart transparency feature and its advanced color management system, we do Quark composition for high coloured titles
The new features of InDesign empower creativity, increase efficiency and flexibility, and introduce opportunities for automating design and production workflows.
Some of our Services:
      • Typesetting from manuscripts or author supplied files
      • Page templates
      • Merging art and text
      • Content management for catalogs
      • Standardizing text and editorial changes
      • Electronic content delivery
      • XML coding services to Magazine publishers
      • Handling complex Math or Chemistry page setting
      • XML/SGML/HTML Mark-ups

Artwork Services@ DOUBLE FOCUS

DOUBLEFOCUS create’s an electronic art program matched to your particular needs. Our artists are skilled in all levels of complexity, from simple bar graphs to complex medical and engineering illustrations. We offers cost-effective re-drawing services that include managing the sizing, fonts, line weights and overall aesthetics. We also re-labels supplied artwork to correct typos and ensure editorial and typographical consistency.

Some of our Services:
      • Graphic reproduction
      • High-end color scanning
      • Image retouching and manipulation
      • Technical and Medical drawing
      • Relabeling and redrawing

Quality System Services @ DOUBLE FOCUS

Quality assurance is a way of life in . Detailed job studies, a high level of automation, control plans, mistake proofing, and permanent corrective actions enable to deliver quality services consistently.
All input and output files for a title are stored in a single location, using filenaming conventions to controlversions.
A detailed job analysis is carried out before work begins on any title, generating a style sheet that captures all elements of design and treatment specific to the client and also peculiar to the job. (The same style sheet moves with the job through template creation, coding, pagination, and proofreading.). All er¬rors noticed at any stage are recorded, and feedback is analysed in detail to address the root cause.