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      With the advancements in asp web development technology, Hypertext system is becoming more and more complex. Websites developed using improper study and complex technologies are difficult for web spiders to comprehend. Here We have a development section which handle all kinds of development activities including all types of website development, designing works, website designing, 2D/3D works etc. we have been providing solutions to our wide-ranging clients, from large firms to and medium small businesses through our extensive in-house expert team including programmers, designers, Internet marketers, search engine optimization specialists and sales team, who are all dedicated to delivering high quality service.

Domain Name Registration @ DOUBLE FOCUS

      Creators are committed in providing excellent Internet Domain Name Services with competitive prices. Our services are reasonably priced so that any individual or organization can afford to obtain domains for personal or business use. We offer cost effective choice of domain name registration including the popular domain name extensions .com, .org, .in, .co. in, .net, .biz, Etc.
Our current services comprise of the following:
      • Domain Name Registration
      • Domain Name Renewal
      • Transfer Domains
      • Expired Domains
      • Website design and development
      • Domain Watch service
      • Website Hosting Service

Web Hosting @ DOUBLE FOCUS

      Web hosting is an important service designed to serve websites to internet users. Through this service, individuals and organizations can access their websites through World Wide Web. Double Focus provides web hosting service which is accurate, affordable, unique and distinct. From so many web hosting services available on the Internet today, Double Focus is the most reliable web hosting service provider . We are providing web hosting for business or personal websites at reasonable costs. Our web hosting team consists a group of skilled, aesthetic people who provide our service for small, medium and large businesses. We host different kinds of websites considering client requirements which vary from personal to professional. Our web hosting team do customized hosting services where everything will be based on the latest updation. Our team works according to clients’ time constraints and provide them the best considering their requirements.
      Each package comes with control panel, Control panel has got most advanced features a breeze. You can create Email, access email configurations, manage traffic and databases, update your account information and even add new domains to your account — all instantly!


      We have an unique understanding of Internet business, as well as in-depth knowledge of the latest design technologies which has enabled us to provide result oriented graphic and web design solutions for our clients in India and Abroad enabling them a "Competitive Edge" and a better chance for success on the web. Your website is an integral part of your image, identification and communication strategy. Successful web communication comes from grabbing your visitors' attention and providing a website that is comfortable to use. Our sites do both - innovative design captures the eye and is followed by a familiar and easy to navigate path.
      A successful site begins by carefully planning a rewarding user experience. Our expert creative services team delivers the following services:
      • Strategic Planning and Information Design
      • Information Architecture
      • Web Site Design / Redesign
      • User Interfaces for Web Application Design
      • Animated Banner Design Web Development
      • Site Layout design

Website Maintenance @ DOUBLE FOCUS

      Once your site has been designed, it’s time to bring it to life. We offer consistent application maintenance and support services. Our focused services aim at delivering the right solutions to the problem and enhancing the application performance.
Do you need any of the following changes to your site?
      • Product changes and additions
      • Home page changes
      • Content changes
      • Adding or maintaining links
      • Site "makeovers"
      • Employee changes
      • Company news updates
      • Creating web-forms like Enquiry Page
      Websites can be unintentionally damaged by incompetent "upgrading". Links can be broken or lost, files exposed or deleted. Contact us to let us know what do you need exactly and we will inform you how much it will cost to get this done.Whatever the application or feature, we can define it, scope it, and build it.
      We have been providing solutions to our wide-ranging clients, from large firms to medium and small businesses through our extensive in-house expert team including programmers, designers, Internet marketers, search engine optimization specialists and sales team, who are all dedicated to delivering high quality service.

Flash Animations @ DOUBLE FOCUS

      At Double focus, we specialize in creating professional flash animation, which helps your company brand to attract more visitors. A well-designed flash animation always attracts more users eyeballs to search for more details about your company product or services than a static/standby image. Hence, integrate a flash animation in your website to optimize your brand image and to deliver your targeted message in an effective way.
      We offer flash web design, flash intro design, flash panel design and flash animation design services for effective online promotion of your business website. A well organized flash web design can serve as the most clear, efficient and cost effective means to communicate with your target audience.
      Our skilful flash web designers work enormously to develop innovative and aesthetic flash website designs ensuring that the designed website will engage the target audience with its eye catching features and interact closely with our clients to extract the exact solution that helps your website to grab a potential presence online.

Cd Presentation @ DOUBLE FOCUS

      Professional Cd Presentation should be visually striking and the text should be precise to deliver your message efficiently. A full function flash design can be created by integrating a platform to deliver your online presentations. These flash animations are quite helpful for the engineering industries to showcase the working procedure of their products.
      Cd presentation is in contrast to linear presentation, user doesn’t need to control the slides instead he can deliver speech in association to presentation. An interactive presentation is required to eliminate the time in spending to new employee over discussion need of busy higher officials in a firm to spend time in describing standard company information and benefits.
      These presentations also assist your company to encourage a product / service.
      • Flash / Interactive Presentations
      • Power Point Presentations
      • Self-Running Presentations
      • Simulation

Virtual Reality @ DOUBLE FOCUS

      Assume the persons stands on the center of room/environment/ showroom and seeing the environment by rotating himself in a 360 degrees and visualizing the environment, his vision which is transformed to the square area in a webpage, User up on dragging the mouse can visualise the 360 degree of the room/ environment showroom.
      With this solution user can realise the realtime experiance in that particular environment through websites.


      Double Focus is an ethical Search Engine Optimization company providing SEO services cost effective to its global clients. With our own techniques we can bring your site top of the popular searches engines. We ensure both search engine ranking and increasing traffics to your site with good analytical reports. We can give you keywords that can pull traffic to your website. Being the owner of your site you can choose your own key word to optimize the site region specifically.We give you guaranteed listings in Yahoo, Google, Msn and monthly optimizations reports of web pages. We also provide you good search engine submission services.
We can give you the following seo services to achieve the good ranking,
      • Primary consultation
      • Competitive analysis
      • Key word analysis
      • Target list preparation
      • Content editing
      • Website optimization
      • Search engine submission
      • Link popularity/link building
      • Ranking reports
      • Monitoring and fine-tuning the site

Content Writing @ DOUBLE FOCUS

      Content writing is the genesis of putting your thoughts and ideas from the business environment perspective to the target segment in the simplest way possible. The content development at Double Focus is driven by competent and qualified individuals with exposure to word smithy, evaluation, concept development, pragmatic narration and verbal skills which bring about comfortable connects with the reader and visitors to portals and projects developed and created at Double Focus.
Our experience in servicing customers across the industry spectrum and the growing community of well wishers in the competitive communications realm is a testimony to our goodwill that we at Double Focus have enjoyed over the last few years both in India and overseas.