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Clout Your Business with the Force of Mobile Marketing

The best reason to use WhatsApp for business is that many of your customers are probably already using it. More than 60 billion messages are sent through WhatsApp every single day.

The most attractive point of Whatsapp marketing is no reader can miss the message. In normal SMS campaign, receivers misses the message if the phone is switched off but same is not possible with Whatsapp messages. As soon as the user connects their phone to internet, the message will be delivered successfully. Even to the DND numbers, Whatsapp messages get delivered at no time and the readers get to see the message as soon as they open Whatsapp. It offers brands to reach a huge subscriber base of 900 million that no other marketing tool does.

Why choose us for whatsapp marketing:.

  • Create a brand persona to chat with users and build buzz
  • Provide one-on-one chat help to inspire new uses for a product
  • Extend discreet advice and service to high-value customers
  • Offer high-end campaign summary reports to analyze the trends
  • Involve unique content creation and imbibe creative designs into the Whatsapp promotion.

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Easy to create and easy to send the campaign at affordable price

Whatsapp business solution provider in chennai

We can help you to seamlessly integrate WhatsApp business to drive customer engagement through intelligent, context aware messaging.